Introduction: Automated Imports

In an automated import, an archive’s works are imported into the Archive of Our Own (AO3) all at once. If the email address attached to an imported fanwork is already in use on the AO3, the fanwork is automatically added to that user’s account, and a notification email is sent to them.

If the email address used on the original archive is not in use on the AO3, we send a notification email that includes an invitation link, as well as a list of the stories that were imported.

These tutorials (a screencast for fans that enjoy video tutorials and a written tutorial, for fans that enjoy reading) were created to guide users through the story claiming process. This process is part of the procedure of archive imports that Open Doors manages at the archivists’ request. You can read more about Open Doors and its work importing archives to the AO3 in this FAQ.

Archive imports are announced twice in the AO3’s admin posts:

  1. At least one month before the import.
  2. Once when the importing process has finished.

If you’re not sure an archive to which you have posted in the past is being or has been imported to the Archive of our Own, you can read through the Open Doors tag in the AO3 admin posts or contact Open Doors to ask.