Fan Culture Preservation Project Partners

As our mission at the OTW is to help protect and preserve transformative works, having options of libraries for fans to make their donations offers more flexibility, both in the geographical sense and in helping fans find the best place for their donations.

Following is a list of current Fan Culture Preservation Project partners. Each entry lists the contact information and collecting scope for the institution. In order to have the best chance of finding a new home for your collection, please review the details and identify which institutions are the best fit for your materials. Links to collections held at an institution are meant only as a representative example of that institution’s holdings and may not be an exhaustive list.

When contacting an institution, please include “OTW FCPP Zine Donation” in the subject line. In the body of your message, include as many details about the collection as you can—for example, the fandoms included, the type of materials, the number of boxes or volumes, and even a complete list of titles if you have one. The more information you can include, the easier it will be for an institution to evaluate the collection. Given constraints on space and time, an institution may not be able to accept your collection even if it seems like it would be in scope. Try not to be discouraged if you need to reach out to multiple institutions before you find one that can accept your collection.

If you need assistance identifying potential partners or navigating the outreach process, please contact Open Doors.

If neither you nor the library who is receiving your collection can cover shipping, Open Doors may be able to help! Please contact Open Doors so we can assist you.

If you are an institution collecting fannish materials and would like to be included in this directory, please contact Open Doors.

United Kingdom

University of Liverpool Library

  • Institution Name: University of Liverpool
  • Location: Liverpool, England, UK
  • Contact Name: Science Fiction Collections Librarian
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: Printed zines, printed materials from 2015 onwards, queer, women’s and BAME sf/f and horror
  • Material Types Collected: printed zines, printed materials, archives, periodicals
  • Materials Not Collected: 20th century SF periodicals
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Yes
  • Collections: Science Fiction Journals, Fanzines and Fiction Magazines

United States (alphabetical by state)

University of California – Riverside

  • Institution Name: University of California – Riverside
  • Location: Riverside, California, USA
  • Contact Name: Phoenix Alexander
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: Science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative materials – specifically Afro/Africanfuturist, Latinx and Indigenous SF; authors papers; fandom collections
  • Material Types Collected: Papers, books, art, objects, ephemera, audio/visual, electronic media
  • Materials Not Collected: Costumes, textiles
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Yes
  • Collections: Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fanzines Collection

University of Miami Libraries

  • Institution Name: University of Miami
  • Location: Coral Gables, Florida, USA
  • Contact Name: Cristina Favretto
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: A bit of everything, with a focus on South Florida, the Caribbean, and Central/South American history and culture, political and cultural activism, artists’ books, architecture, and aviation history.
  • Material Types Collected: Printed zines, other works on paper, selected audio and visual formats, maps, ephemera. Only very limited 3D objects, and only if they are part of other collections.
  • Materials Not Collected: Duplicates, materials outside of collecting scope, materials “on deposit.”
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Yes, depending on cost
  • Collections: Lenny Kaye Science Fiction Fanzine Collection

University of Iowa Libraries

  • Institution Name: University of Iowa
  • Location: Iowa City, Iowa, USA
  • Contact Name: Pete Balestrieri
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: Fanworks and other physical artifacts that contribute to the record of fannish history
  • Material Types Collected: Physical copies of fanzines, letterzines, newsletters, clubzines, adzines, and zine flyers; fannish ephemera; circuit stories; photography or video recordings of fannish conventions (vid shows, fan skits, panels, or fans) or written or oral accounts of fannish life; fan artwork (originals and prints); songvids on DVD; personal correspondence between fans or between fans and the studios or writers
  • Materials Not Collected: Personal journals that cover non-fandom events; unaltered screencaps; unedited/non-transformative video clips
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Yes
  • Collections: Special Collections at the University of Iowa

Browne Popular Culture Library

  • Institution Name: Bowling Green State University
  • Location: Bowling Green, Ohio, USA
  • Contact Name: Stefanie Hunker
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: Fan culture zines, slash zines, zines related to popular television, movies, genre fiction, non-English zines
  • Material Types Collected: Print zines, other work on paper
  • Materials Not Collected: Literary zines, music zines
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Yes
  • Collections: Fanzine collection, Pokémon Collection, Twin Peaks Collection

Special Collections Research Center – Temple University

  • Institution Name: Temple University
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Contact Name: Director, Special Collections Research Center
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: Science fiction fanzines, science fiction club newsletters
  • Material Types Collected: Fanzines, newsletters, correspondence
  • Materials Not Collected: Duplicates of materials already in Temple collection
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Maybe
  • Collections: Paskow Science Fiction Collection (includes fanzines, traditionally published works, and other related materials)

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives

  • Institution Name: Texas A&M University
  • Location: College Station, Texas, USA
  • Contact Name: Jeremy Brett
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: Fannish content of all types
  • Material Types Collected: All types
  • Materials Not Collected: Collections that largely duplicate already-held materials
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? Yes, in most cases
  • Collections: Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection, Media Fanzine Collection

Raynor Memorial Libraries

  • Institution Name: Marquette University
  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Contact Name: William Fliss
  • Contact Information: [email protected]
  • Areas Collected: The fandom surrounding the works of English author J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973). Marquette began documenting Tolkien fandom in the 1970s to complement its collection of original manuscripts acquired directly from Professor Tolkien in 1957. Accepts printed fanzines, electronic fanzines, non-digital fan art, digital fan art, videos, music, textiles, games, 3D objects.
  • Material Types Collected: Printed fanzines, electronic fanzines, non-digital fan art, digital fan art, videos, music, textiles, games, 3d objects.
  • Materials Not Collected: Duplicates of items already in the collection, items for which the library does not have the space or resources to adequately preserve them. In some cases, the library may only want to acquire a representative sample of a fanwork instead of an exhaustive collection.
  • Able to Pay for Shipping? No
  • Collections: J. R. R. Tolkien Collection