How can Open Doors help me import or backup my archive?

We are happy to help the archive maintainers to transfer the contents of their archives into the Archive of Our Own (AO3)! While we are currently unable to mass import archives, we can help you facilitate a manual import, and provide support in:

  • Outreach: publicizing the import using OTW’s media channels and fielding questions
  • Procedures: provide tools that automate sending invitations (as many as you need) and e-mails that allow creators to claim their works, assistance tracking works to be imported, instructions, and help with AO3 questions (e.g., collections, tagging, etc.)
  • Technical Support: if desired, we can assist with creating backups and/or setting up redirects

Archives will be preserved within the AO3 using the Collections feature, and as the mod(s) of the original archive, you would be invited to moderate the collection within the AO3. During this import, we will depend on you and/or volunteers designated by you for:

  • Providing feedback on drafts and AO3 tag suggestions
  • Importing the works
  • Publicizing the import to archive members (e.g. by e-mail, posts to related communities, etc.)

If, after the import, you no longer wish to be involved with the archive, you can designate a new maintainer for the collection, or close the collection to new submissions. (If a volunteer later requests to maintain a closed collection, we’ll try to contact you to ask if you’d like to transfer the collection to their care; we would only make this transfer if we received approval from you.)

In cases where the original archive site domain is still available, we also may be able to set up automatic redirecting from the original URLs to the new locations in the AO3, preserving existing links, but this can’t be guaranteed.

While we often help mods import archives which are closing (or already offline), Open Doors should be involved any time one is planning to import works on behalf of another creator. For example, if you would like to back up an active archive to the AO3, use the AO3 as an extension of your archive, create a memorial account for a friend, or any other situation, please contact Open Doors.

Archives that have been integrated into the Archive of Our Own will also be listed in the Open Doors gallery.