I run an archive I’d like to import/back up to the Archive of Our Own. What do I need to do?

Contact Open Doors, and we can discuss your archive and create a detailed plan for import. Please let us know from the outset if you have special needs — for example, if your archive contains multimedia content. When we’ve agreed on the project, we and you will publicize the import.

What we will need from you and/or your co-mod(s):

  • Commitment to working with Open Doors for at least the duration of the import. We will need to pause the import if the mod(s) are unavailable and we have no replacement to work with.
  • Participation in the outreach process
  • Agreement to follow Open Doors policies for attributing credit on imported works, providing background for the import, and helping creators claim their works
  • If the original archive will be staying online, the ability to edit it upon creators’ request to delete works, or change creator names