Can I borrow these materials through inter-library loan programs?

The items in the collection will remain resident at the University of Iowa. However, Special Collections is willing to photocopy and send up to 100 photocopies to scholars or other interested parties at a price of about 25 cents a page, according to their standard procedure.

What about fan privacy? Many fans published stories under their legal names.

Respecting fans’ rights and privacy is the first priority for both the University of Iowa and the OTW. Typical public listings will only include the zine title and fandom (i.e. Blake’s Seven: The Other Side 1, 3 [1986-1987]), the same way a magazine is listed in a library catalog. However, we do hope to get permission from individual authors and editors to share their content more widely online.

Will archives be made available in digital form?

OTW and Iowa will be exploring ways to digitize some of these materials, so that fans who want to see them will have access, even if they can’t get to Iowa. We hope to reach many of the authors of these stories to get their permission to share their work more widely online.