Transferring Multiple Works to Creator

If a creator has verified their identity and AO3 account name with the collection moderator and/or Open Doors AFTER their works have already been imported (e.g., found out late), you can mass-transfer them by adding them as a co-author to all their works, and then removing the caretaker account.

1. Logged into the caretaker account, select My Works.

2. From that page, click “Edit Works” (to mass edit works).

3. Select all the work titles that will be transferred over. The work titles are all links, so you can open a story in another tab if you’re unsure it’s the correct one. (If you’re only changing a handful of works, it may be more efficient to Search Works using their author name, and edit the works one by one.)

4. Click “Edit”.

5. In the Preface section of this page is the option to “Add co-authors?”. Type in the creator account name, and it should appear in the dropdown as an option. (Don’t change anything else, or it will overwrite the work’s original data.)

6. Click “Update All Works” at the bottom.

7. Repeat steps 1 – 4, but instead of adding a co-author on the Edit page in step 5, you can remove current authors. Check the box by the caretaker account name to remove it. (If you do this work by work, click “Edit” at the top of the page, and then “Remove Me as Co Author” at the top of the next page.)

8. Click “Update All Works” at the bottom, and the works will have been successfully transferred.