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The Foresmutters Project

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"If information wants to be free, slash *really* wants to be free"

WARNING: Material linked to this page may have homoerotic implications or content! If this squicks you, hit your Back button now

Slash: fan fiction featuring a sexual relationship between two characters of the same gender. Anglophone slash began with stories about Captain Kirk and Mister Spock, c. 1976. Sexual stories were labelled K/S to distinguish them from (ostensibly non-erotic) friendship stories, which were labelled Kirk/Spock. In time, K/S -- and similar works about other pairings -- were just called "slash".

The Foresmutters Project is an anarchic effort to put material from the earliest days of slash online. The Foresmutters Manifesto declares our intentions to do so with respect for the writers and their copyrights.

Some of our Foresmutters are now online:

Leslie Fish is writing fanfic again!

Gerry Downes' zines have been reprinted and you can order them online:

Syn Ferguson has a web page!

Anyone can work with the FSP; we have no official membership or organization. The drive to get any particular work online has to come from a reader who likes it. We can help you contact the original author or hir heirs, type it in, proofread, and post. If you wrote slash or commentary on slash early in its history and would like to see your work online -- or want to ensure that your work is *not* online -- please email me. We'll archive Letters of Comment and essays as well as stories, provided that we can get permission from the writers. We do not currently intend to archive fan art.

FSP materials so far are all K/S, but we are strongly interested in other pairings and other fandoms, especially from 1980 or before.


by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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