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squick: v. to make someone squirm and go "ick!", to gross out; n. someone else's kink, not for me

"Squick" was coined on the Usenet group alt.sex.bondage before 1995. I've seen it defined as "something that makes you squirm and feel icky." Especially, things that

(a) have a sexual element

(b) someone else may like.

Usage: something is a squick, and it squicks you. There's also the squick factor, squick threshold, etc.

There are various revolting descriptions of "what is a squick" floating around the 'net (many propogated from alt.tasteless), but my research indicates that the original usage was, "someone else's kink." It has now spread to many parts of Usenet but has not crossed over into the general population yet. But since it is an enormously useful word (especially for people who have to think about Jerry Springer) it will probably break out fairly soon. Let me know if you hear it on TV/radio or see it in print.

squick morality

It is a principle on ASCEM and various other places on the 'net that:

· no-one is under an obligation to get over hir squicks

· but squickiness is no basis for a moral judgement


by Mary Ellen, "Doctor Science, MA"


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