Special Collections Gallery

The Open Doors Special Collections Gallery links to digital projects which cannot currently be integrated into the Archive of Our Own or Fanlore. These include .pdfs, multimedia fanworks, historically important fan sites, and other digital artifacts. While some of these fanworks may later be integrated into the Archive or Fanlore, others which have a particular historical significance or are structurally difficult to integrate may continue to be preserved as “special collections.”

Special Collections

2010/08/05The Foresmutters ProjectThe Foresmutters Project was the first test case for the Open Doors project. Foresmutters is a bibliography and collection of stories from the very earliest days of recorded slash, principally Kirk/Spock from the mid-1970s. It’s a tremendously valuable resource for the K/S fandom, which is still active today, and for historians of fanworks. We are hoping to grow this collection. If you or someone you know wrote K/S in the 1970s or 1980s, please contact us; we can find someone to help you transcribe or scan your fiction. Visit the original mirror for the archive, or read (or edit!) the Foresmutters Project article on Fanlore.2010-08-05 03:19:02
2010/08/05Missed the Saturday DanceMissed the Saturday Dance, by Zoetrope, is a multimedia World War II Stargate: Atlantis AU (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, NC-17). It has won many awards and is a fan favorite for its worldbuilding and seamless integration of art, audio, video, and story elements. Read (or edit!) the Missed the Saturday Dance article on Fanlore.2010-08-05 03:10:12